Adult Tap Lessons

At Hollis we run Adult Tap classes where you can come along to have fun and/or take exams if you wish under BTDA (British Theatre Dance Association)

Adult Tap Lessons

At Hollis we run ballet classes for babies through to adult.

Learning the ropes: Babies learn the basic technique for example how to stand in first position, how to run on tiptoe, how to skip, how to curtsy and most importantly how to stand still and listen.

Once moved out of baby class the children then move onto graded work, at the moment classes are held in preparatory to Grade 8 under BTDA (British Theatre Dance Association) POS.

Reasons to learn tap dance with Hollis School of Dance

  • It relieves stress!
  • You can express yourself!
  • It can aid in learning many other dance forms!
  • You get to dance and make music simultaneously!
  • You to keep rhythm with your entire body!
  • It develops your balance!
  • It will help you lose weight!
  • Tap dance is a lot of fun!

What is Adult Tap?

Tap is singing without the words, you make music with your feet. Tap consists of lots of rhythms that get more intricate the higher up the grades you get.

Other Available Lessons

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Contemporary lessons are held at Northbrook Barn

Call Miss Jo for further details of our adult tap lessons on 01903 26742

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