Children’s Ballet Lessons

At Hollis we run ballet classes for babies through to adult.

Learning the ropes: Babies learn the basic technique for example how to stand in first position, how to run on tiptoe, how to skip, how to curtsy and most importantly how to stand still and listen.

Once moved out of baby class the children then move onto graded work, at the moment classes are held in preparatory to Grade 8 under BTDA (British Theatre Dance Association) POS.

Ballet is the hardest form of dance as it is a very strict discipline although the real pressure of this doesn’t come into affect till Grade 3 and above where the work in the POS becomes harder. The perfect ballerina is very rare to find but doing ballet for fun and to keep fit is great for children to learn even if it is just to help with confidence.

Children doing ballet classes get very excited when moving into Grade 1 as they get to have ribbons instead of elastics on their ballet shoes; this is a big step towards being a ballerina. The next step when they get excited is when they are told they can go on Pointe.

Children’s Greek Lessons

Greek classes: We also run invite classes these are extra classes for those children that show promise in the classical style. In these classes the children learn Greek under the BTDA (British Theatre Dance Association) POS. At the moment classes are held in primary to Grade 5.

What is Ballet?

Ballet is the base of all dances it gives you the correct posture and strength to be a good dancer. Although when you are young ballet is fun, it still gives you
the concentration and discipline needed for everyday life.

Other Available Lessons

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Ballet lessons are held at Northbrook Barn

Call Miss Jo for further details of our Ballet lessons on 01903 26742

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